About Us

The planet’s wellness starts with you.

We are your local all-natural and organic products retailer. Enjoy longer, more fulfilling lives by being in charge of your health without costing the planet.

Here at My Wellness our goal is to promote a Net-Zero Carbon Lifestyle while promoting good health and clean habits.

We believe that clean input means clean output. As much as we can, we source our products from local and Australian growers applying sustainable practices. This way we are able to provide you a clean and green production of foods that contribute to a circular economy and lifestyle and a more sustainable community. My Wellness products are also fully organic and free of artificial flavours and colours

Same amazing products and service

You can find the products you have always loved sourced from growers using sustainable practices

A deeper commitment to sustainability

Our goal is to promote a Net-Zero Carbon Lifestyle while promoting good health and clean habits.

Support for the local community

We are helping develop a sustainable community and are working together with local businesses.

Keep your existing points!

The points you have earned from Naked Foods Northbridge and Indooroopilly are carried over to My Wellness!

In our stores you will find that we use bags that are 100% compostable. It is our initiative to reduce waste and plastic in every effort, switching to a more sustainable and organic structure. 

The owners, Martin and Cristina Talacko, have long been passionate about health, sustainability, and a net-zero lifestyle. For over 20 years, they have been developing food under the brand YesYouCan that has pioneered allergen sensitive and gluten free foods in Australia and now around the world.

Martin and Cristina are also heavily involved with One Meal — It Makes a Difference, “a not-for-profit, community organisation that helps to feed, clothe and support the homeless, disenfranchised, vulnerable and at-risk members of local communities”.

Cristina is also the Chairperson of Coalition for Conservation, an independent organization “promoting conservative voices in the environmental movement in Australia and overseas. They engage with policymakers in order to build bipartisan support for the action required to address climate change whilst supporting the economy.”

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